4 Ways To Get Unstuck And Get Pregnant Faster

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Are you feeling stuck? And is it taking too long to get pregnant? I know how hard this is. There are some days, like when you get your period or another round of IVF doesn’t work, that you feel like giving up altogether.

It’s painful to wake up every morning and remember that you don’t have what you want. You get reminded of it every day when you walk down the street and see a pregnant woman. Your friends are on another timeline as they announce their pregnancies and you watch their bellies grow.

As everyone else moves into a new chapter of their lives, it feels like your life is standing still. You stay in the same job, not because you love it, but because it feels too risky to change when you could get pregnant. You say no to opportunities because you spend all your time, energy and money on trying to get pregnant.

If you feel stuck, frustrated and alone, then I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this hard. Here are four ways to get unstuck and get pregnant faster.

1. Look At Your Fertility Experiences From Another Perspective

How would it feel to look at your fertility experiences from another perspective?

What if all the things you’ve learnt along the way are the exact tools and skills you will need as a mama? Like the way you keep going, even when you feel like giving up. Or the way you’ve learnt to focus on gratitude when you’re feeling down. Or the changes you’ve made to your diet by making leafy greens your new best friends.

What if these are the exact skills that your daughter needs you to have, so that you can take care of her in the future? Can you see how these tools are things that you can teach her when she’s feeling defeated, sad or tired?

What if you’re in exactly the right place, and everything is unfolding perfectly?

This is hard to see when you’re having a tough time. Maybe you’re not in a place where you can fully embrace it. And that’s ok too.

2. Stop Using The DIY Approach

Are you trying to figure things out on your own, using the DIY approach, doing your own research, self-prescribing supplements and diagnosing yourself with Dr Google? This approach is bound to make you feel stuck and frustrated because your body is unique and optimising fertility is complicated.

Can you imagine your car breaking down, (when you’re not a mechanic) and deciding to fix it yourself? Imagine spending hours on the internet trying to find out why your car isn’t working. Imagine getting scraps of advice from different blogs, listening to your friends who aren’t mechanics and reading a book. Imagine making your plan based on all this random advice, then buying parts and tools to fix your car…

How much research would you have to do to get your car working? How much time would it take? How frustrated would you get when the car still didn’t work? And how much money would you waste along the way on tools you didn’t need?

The answer to getting unstuck and saving yourself time, money and stress is to get expert help. Call a garage and ask a mechanic who has had years of training. They have the right tools and experience to help you.

The same is true for your fertility. You don’t have to do this alone.

3. Stop Doing IVF If It’s Not Working

Have you had multiple rounds of unsuccessful IVF? Do you keep sinking all your resources into IVF only to come away feeling empty and frustrated? It’s heartbreaking to go through IVF when it doesn’t work. You sit listening to the consultant who unpacks what went wrong and you can’t help but feel like you’re too old, your eggs are past it and that it’s somehow your fault.

You leave it a couple of months and then try again. You hope and pray that it will be different this time, but if you haven’t changed anything and how is it going to work?

Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There is a reason that you’re not getting pregnant naturally and the reason is still there when you go for IVF. The key is to get to the root of your fertility issues, so that you can fix the imbalances and get your body into an optimal place for pregnancy.

4. Get Expert Help To Optimise Your Fertility

You don’t have to do this alone and you don’t have to keep doing something that isn’t working. Reach out for support from an expert who has a proven track record and can help you to understand and change your fertility.

We help couples to get pregnant, even when they feel like they’ve tried everything. We can get to the root of your fertility issues and give you the tools you need to optimise your fertility through the Fertility Club Membership.

If you want to get unstuck, figure out exactly why you’re not getting pregnant, and get a customised plan for your body and mind, then get in touch.

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