6 Ways To Improve Fertility This Summer

summer fertility tips

Do you change your fertility-boosting habits throughout your cycle? What about seasonally? How do you mix it up?

With summer here, it is time to switch it up. The way to improve fertility in the summer is different from what to do in the winter.

Think like a tree. Copy nature and you’ll be more in flow and aligned with what your body needs to be more fertile. Right now it’s summer and the trees are growing, flourishing, and having a party. When the autumn comes they drop their leaves, let go and start drawing inward. Winter is a time when they conserve their energy and hibernate.

Learn six things that you can do in the summer months to improve your fertility. These are simple strategies that you can incorporate into your life during this season.

6 Ways To Improve Your Fertility This Summer

In Summer, like the trees, you’ll have more energy. It’s time to be more extravert and grow. Fill your heart with joy, do things that make you happy, have fun and laugh.

1. Spend Time In The Sun

Summer is the perfect time to be more active in the sun (without sunscreen) for at least 30 minutes each day or so that you get some natural light exposure. This will help with fertility hormone production and increase vitamin D levels.

2. Exercise More Vigorously

Exercise outside and do more vigorous exercise that raises your heartbeat. Be sure to wind down, stretch and relax properly afterwards. You’re likely to sweat more, which is great to get rid of toxins. Therefore, be conscious to drink more water to make up for the lost fluids.

3. Drink More Water

Drink more water, especially in the summer. It’s very important to stay hydrated and fertility is better when you do so. Paying attention to your fluid intake will also help with vaginal dryness and support more egg-white cervical mucus.

4. Eat Lighter Food

Eat lighter food, go for more salads, fruit and smoothies. Stir fry or steam vegetables too and get plenty of good fats and protein. Some fertility-enhancing nutrients that you should be eating more of in the summer include vitamin C, folate and lycopene from tomatoes. Listen to what your body needs. Enjoy local fruit and vegetables that are in season.

5. Sleep Less

The days are longer and you’re likely to feel more energised. Take advantage of this and push your boundaries a little. Get up early to stretch, meditate and enjoy the sky. Stay up later, especially on balmy hot nights and do something spontaneous and fun.

6. Socialise More

Say yes to invitations and see more of the people that you love. Open your heart, connect and laugh. Go to a party, dance beneath the stars and feel liberated from the normal routine. Be sure to get back on your fertility self-care and food routines when you get back from an adventure.

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