Hi there, I’m Rachel Bolton

Fertility expert, coach, speaker and educator. Avacado-lover, self-care activist and mama of two girls.

I help successful, overwhelmed, high achievers get pregnant and have a healthy baby, even when doctors have told them they have a 0% chance.

I’m obsessed with fertility solutions, so that you don’t have to be.

I didn’t always have my business, daughters, health, mindset, strategies and system to help couples get pregnant.

In fact, rewind 13 years, before I got pregnant – my cycles were irregular, I had awful periods, I experienced an early loss and I was convinced that I had endometriosis and PCOS. In three months I went from period hell to the perfect period. I was amazed that in such a short time I could change so much.

I wanted to share what I’d learnt with other women and that was when Plan Yourself Pregnant was born. I’ve spent years training, getting qualifications and travelling the world to work with the best mentors, so that I can get my clients results.

“Three months from joining the program, the impossible happened and I fell naturally pregnant at the age of 39. I will always remember the morning I found out and told my husband and Rachel. I cried with hysterical happiness.”

Libby Astles

I Live For Mornings When I Hear News Like That!

A morning when one of my clients calls to tell me she’s pregnant. That magical moment when she finds out she’s pregnant and her world will never be the same again.


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