Are You Too Busy To Have A Baby?

Are you always in a rush? Do you miss breakfast or grab something to eat on the move? Maybe you go from one activity to the next without taking a break? Do you eat lunch at your desk? Or get home late from work and feel so exhausted that you don’t have enough energy to cook, exercise or socialise?

You’re a conscientious person. You like to go the extra mile at work. You have high standards and a strong work ethic. You do things well and so people ask you to do more.

The problem is that sometimes there’s nothing left at the end of the day. You’ve been busy serving everyone else and reacting to what everyone else wants that you don’t get a look in.

Your needs, your meals and your self-care time comes second.

Everyone and everything else takes priority.

Some days it feels like you’ve got two full-time jobs. You might have taken on extra at work, or you might have lots of responsibilities outside of work. Either way, this leaves you feeling drained and tired at the end of the day.

This kind of busy energy can put your body into a state of chronic stress. You’re not in full flight or flight, but you’re not relaxed either.

It feels like you’re always on.

Always in stress mode.

There’s always tension in your body. You might have stiff shoulders, headaches or period pains. These are all signs that you’re too busy.

This kind of busy energy means that you constantly produce stress hormones, which disrupt your sex hormones and can stop you from getting pregnant.

If you want to change this pattern, look at how you can slow down and create space.

If you prioritise yourself, you’ll also prioritise your future baby.

Where can you make space for self-care?

Here are some super simple tips to create space for you and your future baby:

  1. Get up 15 minutes early and do some yoga before you switch your phone on.
  2. Do a cook-off at the weekend and get your food prepared for the week.
  3. Prioritise your workload, delegate and say learn to say no.
  4. Take your lunch into work, take a proper break and go for walk at lunchtime.
  5. Schedule in some time to breathe, make a cup of tea and stretch between activities and meetings.
  6. Say no to seeing that friend who is always negative and leaves you feeling drained.
  7. Don’t overbook yourself at the weekends.
  8. Schedule in time to do nothing, stay in your pyjamas and have a love in with your man.
  9. Switch your phone off at least half an hour before bed.
  10. Remember to breathe and stretch throughout the day.

Taking small steps to stay ahead of your energy and stress levels throughout the day by creating space makes a huge difference to how you feel at the end of the day AND it improves your fertility.

What could you say no to, that would create space for your future baby? Get in touch and let me know.

Here is what I said no to this week and created more space:

Warmest wishes,

Rachel xx

Rachel Bolton Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na.

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