Carey spent 3 months preparing to have a baby, so that when she was ready, she got pregnant instantly. Before Carey was pregnant she went through a stressful time at work and the stress of organising a wedding. We worked together to reduce stress, balance hormones and get a healthy period. Carey had a perfect pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

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Carey: I think the main thing was I was under a lot of pressure at work, and that was kind of tipping over into my personal life.

Of course wedding planning is just a really frantic time and Christmas, and travelling to the US for more wedding stuff and Christmas stuff, it was really busy.

You know I had some friends who had been trying for over a year to get pregnant and not be able to do so but then I’ve had other friends who’ve got pregnant on their honeymoon. I thought, it could go either way really.

I’ve been off any kind of pill or anything for about five, well, probably at that point about maybe seven years.

Well, I think we were getting married in April and we thought we should probably kinda get going on this.

So I was trying to focus on using the more natural products, or just taking care of my body in other ways, massage and then acupuncture, especially because sometimes life is stressful, and I think that those things can really help alleviate some stress and just give you your own space to relax.

I think your approach is really, your very supportive of like a natural, all encompassing approach of nutrition and exercise. There’s lots of little things you can do that add up to one big, like, great thing.

You know you want it to be a joyful time where things are feeling really good in your body. I think we kind of assumed that it would take a some time, yeah but surprisingly enough it happened either the first or second go!

I was like two days late, I thought no and for some reason I just wanted to wait on checking. I was like let’s wait until Tuesday, and on Sunday everything shuts down in England so you can’t go get a pregnancy test then! So we had to wait until the next day, and sure enough, boom! It’s amazing and a little bit scary.

You were also very reassuring of, everything’s fine you know. All right, well, if Rachel says so then we must be good to go!

It’s so nice, sometimes I almost forget I’m pregnant, which sounds a little silly just because I feel good.

A little bit of excitement every time I see my bump or if I look down. We recently went to Cornwall and I was standing in the water, and I really miss living by the beach, so I went to take a picture of my feet in the ocean and I was like, oh, I can’t see them! So I leaned forward and it just gave me a little giddy kind of oh!

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