Crystal had low AMH, high FSH and had experienced two losses. She was frustrated with her body and thought that it wouldn’t happen until she joined the Fertility Club, fixed her imbalances and got pregnant three months later. She is now in her third trimester and excited to meet her baby girl. Get inspired and read Crystal’s story:

In February of 2021, my husband and I got married after 10 long years of being together. I had an IUD for those 10 years and got it removed just before we got married and immediately started trying for a baby once we got married.

Being a mom of five amazing children and never ever having any issues getting pregnant, I expected to immediately be pregnant. In June of 2021, I finally had a positive test. Five days after the positive test, I had my first loss. The following month in July, we had another positive test, followed again five days later by another loss. At this point, we had been trying for 7 months, and I was so frustrated with my body.

It was awful not being able to trust my body. I could not understand why my body wasn’t sustaining the pregnancies. I did everything I could to try and fix everything. We started testing hormone levels, charting, reading books, taking every supplement we could think of and
even scheduled our first visit to a western medicine fertility specialist. My test results came back with low AMH and High FSH levels, and my temperatures were all over the board.

I honestly thought at that point that our journey to have a baby together was over, but I wasn’t ready to give up. There were so
many different things to try, but I never knew which one was right for me, and that is when I found Rachel Bolton via Facebook on her Fertility Heroes page. Her energy and positivity were so welcoming.

After doing her free courses, I decided I wanted to invest in her program and give our journey one last shot. We started the program in November of 2022 and fully committed. We changed our eating habits and followed the meal plans, did all of the exercises (physical and mental) and went through the testing process. With Rachel and her team’s help, we got on the supplements recommended for our bodies and started making the changes that were right for our bodies. By January of 2022, I had another positive pregnancy test!

With Rachel’s guidance, I did everything I could to help my body support the pregnancy in the early stages, and we are now awaiting our beautiful little girl in just 7 weeks!

There are no words to express our gratitude to Rachel and her team for helping us achieve success in this amazing journey of ours! Thank you, thank you!

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