Hope And A Strategy

You’re amazing! I mean it. I see the courage that you have to keep trying for your baby. The strength that you showed over Christmas hitting another milestone without being pregnant. And the determination that you have to do almost anything to bring your baby home.

I want to acknowledge you for every step that you have taken. To celebrate every mouthful of kale, every yoga stretch and every time you said no to something that wouldn’t improve your fertility.

Sometimes it’s easy to think: ‘Is this working?’ And ‘are the actions that I’m taking actually making a difference?’

I can promise you that I’ve seen it over and over again: Small consistent steps in the right direction and on the right path will improve your fertility and help you make a healthy baby.

It’s important not to feel like you are drifting along without a plan. Like a ship being blown around the ocean.

There is a set of logical steps that you can take to make sure you know you are on track and you’re not a lost ship.

Your Plan To Get Pregnant

  1. Get clear on your vision. 

Give yourself permission to dream and create your Ideal Fertile Life. What would each aspect of your life look like if it were perfect?

  1. Get your baseline information. 

Gather all your facts, numbers and medical history. Figure out what questions you still need to ask, what tests you still need to have and ultimately what is stopping you from getting pregnant.

  1. Identify your Fertility Blockers. 

Work out what your Fertility Blockers are, prioritise them and define a clear plan of action to reduce or eliminate them.

  1. Work out your Personal Plan.

When you have the data and you’re clear on the challenges, only at this point should you start taking creating a plan and taking action. The problem that many women make is that they jump into action before they know exactly what they should be doing to improve their own fertility. At worst this approach can harm your fertility. At best it can mean that it takes longer to get pregnant.

  1. Complete your Fertility Check.

Measure your progress each month with a Fertility Check. This will help you measure the results of the steps that you are taking and give you the motivation to keep going. When you get a Perfect Period, then it means you’re getting close to actually getting pregnant.

  1. Track your cycle.

Take your temperate and track your cycle. This data will help you know when you ovulate, when your fertile window is and it will show you that you’re getting closer to a Conceivable Cycle. When you get a Conceivable Cycle, then it means you’re getting close to actually getting pregnant.

  1. Get support to implement.

It can be lonely, confusing and challenging to do this on your own. Get support, a mentor and a community to help you with create your Personal Plan and lift you up when you are down.

  1. Refine your Personal Plan.

As your fertility improves you’ll want to refine your plan to take yourself to the next level. When you get pregnant, your plan will change and when you’ve given birth you’ll need a different plan again. 

This is the process that I’m supporting women in my Membership with right now.

January is a time to dream and create a vision. It’s a time to set goals and make a plan. I know that if you’re reading this then your big goal for 2019 is to get pregnant.

Do one thing today to improve your fertility.

Discover what's missing from your fertility and get a new strategy.

Take the Checklist

All my best,

Rachel xx

Rachel Bolton BSc (Hons), Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na.

I empower women to see themselves as Fertility Heroes and help them to optimise their fertility, get pregnant and have healthy babies.

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