Joanne spent 8 years trying to get pregnant. Nobody could explain why she could not get pregnant, and she was told it was because of her age. She went through two unsuccessful rounds of IVF and then Rachel helped her to get pregnant naturally. Joanne says her little girl is a miracle baby.

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Joanne: It’s probably about eight years ago we started trying and you just think it’s just going to happen, we’ll just start trying and next month I’ll be pregnant. But obviously it didn’t happen like that.

Like with anything you just think that’s not going to happen to me. Everything’s just gonna fall like it should do.

And everyone, all family members or friends want you to fall pregnant and their all asking you, you know, when are you going to have a baby or when are you gonna get married.

I tried different things, after possibly, I don’t know, about a year to a year-and-a-half and I wasn’t falling naturally.

I then got different tests that would help you, sort of, kind of tell you when you’re ovulating and things like that but that made it even more stressful.

And so we had one lot of fertility treatment and that was probably three years ago and unfortunately it didn’t work. So, that was a really hard time for us. And after that, then I had another treatment as well.

This really sticks out in my mind, and it was I had poached eggs on toast, something that I wasn’t having because when you have your eggs put back into you for the fertility treatment, you treat it as if, because in theory you are pregnant, because the eggs are there. So I was starting to eat things as if I was pregnant, so I decided to do these poached eggs, and I cracked these two eggs into this cup and I just broke down because for me, that was my two babies in there. Because I’d had two eggs put in, and they were in that cup and, why? You know, why didn’t they want to stay in me? So hard.

The doctor might say it’s because of your age. I never believed that. I thought that was very unfair. The main frustration is seeing other people and not really knowing why it wasn’t working. No one could give me an answer.

It was a really low time for me and I never ever thought I’d ever be a person who’d get low. I’m quite a happy person, positive and just enjoy things.

So I didn’t want to be going home and just doing the job that I do. I didn’t want to do that any more. I felt I needed to run away. To the point where we were talking about moving away and going somewhere different, maybe living near the coast and just, going to work and just carrying on doing my life didn’t seem, it wasn’t enough for me, I needed something else, I needed to change everything it felt like.

So I was recommended to meet you, and just from the first time I met you, I just, my shoulders went down, I just felt relaxed straight away and, this is someone whose going to listen to me and understand me.

I was in a different world, you know, I could talk to you about things, my emotions would come out, I just felt at ease, I could just relax and I kind of escaped really. I was in a different place.

Hadn’t really focussed on periods since all of the IVF and stuff like that because I believed it would never happen, you know. And he said, you could be pregnant, and I said no. It’s not going to happen to us now. And he said well just get a test, I got a test and I fell pregnant naturally! It’s amazing. I was pregnant. And I still, I’ve got my little girl now, and I still don’t believe it. Best thing ever. You don’t think it’s going to happen and she’s a miracle. She’s our little miracle.

I couldn’t wait to tell you though, I just thought that was, you know, there was certain people that you tell when you’re first pregnant. Obviously you wait the three months but then, you know, family and close friends, you were one of the most important people to tell as well. It’s just, for all the help you gave me.

[Joanne’s Husband And Baby Girl Join]

Husband: You start questioning yourself. It’s never easy but, as we finally proved, it’s certainly possible.

Joanne: I always knew it would be a little girl, and my dream had come true.

[Baby Squeaks]

Husband: Didn’t you. See. She’s got a lot to say for herself!

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