Lisa had endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages and many health issues. She tried to get pregnant for over three years, went to two different fertility doctors and unfortunately the fertility treatments didn’t work. She was angry and hopeless about not being able to get pregnant. She felt like she had tried everything to get pregnant and then she found the Membership.

When Lisa joined the Membership she dived right in, empowered herself, and got her body as healthy as it could be. She started to feel more positive and went from jealousy to celebrating other women’s pregnancies. Find out how Lisa went onto have a healthy baby girl.

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I have always known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a mum. I just always, I always babysat. I was like the queen babysitter at my school. I spent pretty much all of my teen years babysitting and even into my college years babysitting. I always knew I wanted a mum. And if anybody asked, they would know that I wanted seven children. That was my, like, that was my number. I was like, nope, I’m going to be a mum of seven children. That’s what I would always say.

So I met my husband 16 years ago. We’ve been together a long time. We’ve been married for five. And as soon as we got married, we knew that we wanted to start our family, and that’s really when we started this journey of fertility and trying to have a child and create that big family that we had always dreamed of. So it’s been a journey and we’ve learned a lot through this process.

We had been trying to get pregnant for about three years. And we had finally gotten pregnant naturally, and had a miscarriage. And that was just absolutely devastating for both of us and I feel like we learned a lot through that miscarriage, but, you know, we had to take some time and really explore things. And I had a lot of other health issues going on at the time and we really needed to focus on getting me super healthy first.

So we did, we, I got, I’ve gotten healthy and, you know, we had tried fertility treatments. We had tried the fertility drugs. We had been to a fertility doctor a couple of different times, and through that process, we also had another miscarriage and so I think we really, through that second miscarriage, had to take a step back, and really just re-evaluate everything, and see all those areas that needed attention, that weren’t getting attention and figure out what exactly we needed to do. But what I needed to do, and what we needed to do as a couple, to try to make a successful pregnancy.

And it did feel hopeless. I was hopeless at a lot of times. I saw everybody around me, my family, my sisters, my friends, all were getting pregnant, and I felt like I was the only one in the world that was not. And I was the one that had these big aspirations, and I was mad at the world because I didn’t understand why. Why I wasn’t getting pregnant, and why I couldn’t start my family. So I was coming into everything. I was kind of angry. I was hopeless. I just wasn’t really in a good place, I feel. But that, that all changed through the membership.

So the fertility journey, I do feel like we tried everything in our power to get pregnant. I had been on countless blogs of people. I had researched a ton on trying to figure out why I couldn’t get pregnant, and then I had even gone to different doctors. I had gone to the fertility clinic, but then I had gone to different OB-GYN’s and one of the OB-GYN’s was telling me how, you know, miscarriage is so common and it’s like rolling the dice and I just rolled the dice wrong and I just felt like, there needed to be more of an explanation. I needed more, and I felt in my heart, there was more out there for me.

So I guess I wasn’t completely hopeless. I knew, I knew there was something out there for me, I just wasn’t sure what it was. And so I was very determined to figure out a way that was gonna work for me because everybody’s different. And I kept reading up on all of these different, different techniques and different people to go to. And none of them felt right. I just, it, they didn’t feel like they matched me.

This has definitely been a process and I’m five years into this process. So, it’s taken a lot of years of researching and just trying to figure out what was the perfect match for me, because the other things that I had researched just weren’t, didn’t feel right.

I felt, I felt hopeless still, because, I had just had a surgery to try to, like an exploratory surgery, to make sure that everything was okay. And I had done this surgery before and we’d gotten pregnant right after the surgery. So I was hopeful going into the surgery. It found that I had some endometriosis. So they removed the endometriosis, and this was all at the fertility clinic. And then it was right after that, that things started to shut down, pretty much immediately after that. So again, I was kind of feeling like, I was very sad, and hope was diminishing because here was my chance. I had just had this surgery and now I felt like doors were closing on me. So I started to get really, really sad and depressed, but that’s actually when looking back, that’s when the light started shining because that’s when I really started to explore online options because my fertility clinic had pretty much shut down. So I was, I was like, there’s gotta be another way. There’s got to be another way, and, and to be honest with you, the fertility route didn’t even feel right to me. Something about it, every time I went into it, I just. I got. It just didn’t have the right vibe at the fertility clinic anyway.

So I was searching online, and I had found some different series that were online and one of them was the series that Rachel provides. And I was thinking, okay, I’ll sign myself up for this and we’ll see what happens and I went through the course and I just, I fell in love and just something about Rachel’s voice just calmed me immediately, from the get-go, and I just, I was sitting at, I remember it clear as day, I was sitting outside. And I was trying to decide if I should sign up for the program or not. And I had already talked to my husband and he kind of saying, you know, this is your choice. I just, I just remember saying, all right, universe, I just need a sign that this is the right program for me. I feel like it is, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. I just need a sign. And it was a gloomy, gloomy day. And at that moment, the sun just started shining and I was like, okay, the universe has spoken. I just need to, I need to dive into this and give it all i’ve got.

The first thing I learned how to do, which I had never even heard of before was my charts, so taking my temperature every morning and documenting that. And I learned a ton about myself through just charting, and I had never done that before. I’d never even heard of the, of the charting or, you know, taking your temperature in the morning and, and it was amazing to see that, no, I didn’t have a normal cycle. I wasn’t your normal ovulation on day 14 type of girl. I was more of a my cycle is more 35 days, or between 30 to 35 days, and it, it all just depended. So my body was in no way, your normal, your normal chart or cycle. So it was really interesting to see all of that. And it was interesting to see how stress played a factor in my cycle, just from my temperature, and I was really mind blown by that whole process.

And if I didn’t understand my chart, I love Rachel. How, when we had our meetings, you would help me explain them and we would talk about them and really analyse them. So that was awesome and that meant the world to me because I was like, wow, this is a whole new, a whole new world for me.

And then, you know, through Dee, the nutrition part of it, I felt like I really was eating the best I’ve ever eaten. Through her suggestions, the recipes were good, they were easy to do, the supplements were easy. She had just, in my plan she had put a link to where I could buy them. So it really was, I clicked on the link. I bought the supplements; it was all so seamless and easy. So that was really nice. And then it was also. I’m also a girl that needs the data. So I love, I love that all the mind and the body and the spirit and everything like that, but I still wanted to see what my test results were if there was something that needed to be tweaked for me specifically. So I loved the different testing that, that was suggested to get done. And I did a lot of that testing.

If, you know, we basically found out that pretty much everything was on course, and which made me feel better, and it gave me more hope that we could do this. And then the, all of, throughout the membership, all of the acupressure points, and the mind and the body, and the morning routines, and the evening routines, and the gratitude, it all just, it just felt perfect. It felt exactly, it was exactly what I needed. I felt like I got to take a step back. I got to look within myself. I got to bring out. I got to be. I was, again, in control. The fertility clinic wasn’t in control, the doctors weren’t in control. I was in control. I had the information I needed.

I knew what was good for my body. I knew what would help relax and calm myself. I was super grateful for all of the things in my life. And I was just able to really explore that, with the membership. And I was just able to empower myself to be in control of my fertility. And that felt really good.

I think my biggest shift was really, making sure that my body was the healthiest it possibly could be. Through the fertility clinic, they didn’t really even talk about the mind and the body connection. And that’s what I felt I was really missing was that mind, body connection. And I think that after I got into the membership, and I saw there was so much focus on getting your body healthy, both mentally and physically, I feel like that was really the turning point. I feel like that’s when I started to have hope again. When I started to just, I started feeling better just by doing, just by eating right, and getting the right nutrients in my body, and by the little affirmations I would say each day. Just when I would wake up in the morning, I would say, okay, we’re going to make your body as healthy as possible today, to prepare yourself for your baby that’s coming. And I would say that all the time, this is for your baby. That’s coming. That’s not here yet, but it’s coming. And I think by saying those affirmations every day, sometimes several times a day, I feel like that really was. That was my turning point, because before I had never done that self-talk, it was all more negative self-talk. What are you doing wrong? What, why can’t it be you? Almost focusing outward, towards other people. Seeing what they had and why I didn’t have that.

And then through the membership, I really focused on turning inward and being positive. And I feel like that really was the turning point. Just, just really changing my attitude about everything, and being excited for people when they announced their pregnancy. And I could not believe that I was actually excited for people as opposed to that negative of, why not me? and, they already have children. And things like that, so. That’s when I really started to see the shift, when I did not feel that jealousy or that, just that negative attitude anymore. I was like, okay, this is, this is different.

And then also through the group, on the Facebook group, I feel like that was a big shift because we all were in it together and that supportive network. I connected with a few different people outside of the group and just having chats and things with people and I think that was super helpful too. That was another turning point, cause I never had had anybody else that was a support group for the, for not having a child, or going through their fertility journey. So that was really, that was something that I think helped a lot too.

So I had been, I had them pretty sick, for a little bit and I had kept saying, well, I should be expecting my menstrual cycle anytime now. And I was almost in denial for a while, and I refused to even take a test because I was so scared of what the outcome might be. So I waited for a good, probably two weeks and I have no idea looking back how I did that, but I waited. I even went on a family vacation. And I was feeling awful through the vacation and one of my sisters said to me, she said, have you taken a pregnancy test? And I was like, no, there’s no need for that. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking, okay, when I get home, that’s going to be something I do. So I came home and I took the test, and I didn’t even get, I know this sounds silly, but I wouldn’t even go out and buy a regular test. Like before, all the times I had tested to be pregnant before I would always go out and get the most expensive digital tests because I just wanted, I just wanted to know and just have that test. This time I had one of the, it was a free test that came in my ovulation kit that I had gotten, and I was, it was just a piece of strip of paper. It was just a stick and, a paper like stick. And I was like, I’m just going to do it on that, because that way I’m not wasting any money if I’m not pregnant.

So immediately I saw two lines on that, on that stick. And I was like, okay, well, maybe it’s wrong. And I just, I let it sit there. And I was like, okay, well it said two lines, but I still, I did not believe it even then and then I let it sit all day. And then the next day I woke up and I said, well, maybe I should take another one just to be sure. And so I did the same thing, and immediately, again, two very bright pink lines showed up and I still didn’t believe it. I was like, I don’t know. So I went out that day and I purchased one of the expensive tests and I came home, and I took it and it immediately showed that I was pregnant and I, I was so excited. I was so excited. I could not, I could not believe it. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband. I just wanted to tell everybody in the whole world, but due to my past, I was like, no, we’re going to do things a little differently, we’re just going to take it easy. Keep focusing on myself, keep focusing on my nutrition, keep making myself the best possible person that I can possibly be. And this time, I was so focused on the baby, I was so focused on saying affirmations to the baby’s, to myself.
Something I would say every day was to my baby. I would say, you are strong, you are healthy and you are growing and I say that still several times a day. And through all of my appointments, I just kept, it just became more real and more real and more real. And then I was just getting more excited and more excited and more excited.

I wasn’t super celebratory. I was super cautious, and I just wanted to make sure that I did everything possible to keep the pregnancy, so I immediately got a hold of Rachel and Dee and at that point in time, Dee had kind of switched over some of my supplements and I was doing seed cycling. So we kind of switched up some things with the seed cycling immediately, which I think all of that was super helpful. and then through the program we started working on different acupressure points to just get the blood flowing and just, just making sure that, that the baby would just keep growing and developing. And that gave me a lot of hope too, in a time that could have been, it could have been really, I mean, it was really scary, but that gave me an extra bit, of extra sense of security because I knew that I was doing absolutely everything possible. Everything that Rachel had suggested and everything Dee had suggested, and, you know, I had sometimes, where there was a little bit of bleeding and I was really, really scared, but I didn’t lose hope because I had talked to Rachel and we had gone over some acupressure points and some things to do to, to make sure that everything would be okay. And I felt like everything, I felt that in Rachel and Dee’s hands, that everything was going to be okay. That, that we, I was doing everything absolutely possible to keep the pregnancy and to just keep that healthy baby.

I, it’s just a different support than you’re going to get anywhere else. I just remember that before, when I was at the doctors at, the first time we were at the fertility clinic and it felt like you sign in, you go in, somebody does your, your charting and you leave. It’s like there’s no, there’s no extra support there. And then the same, well, even worse was when I got pregnant and we weren’t at the fertility clinic and it was, you know, you come in at, what was it? I think I came in the first time at seven weeks and then it was, you know, you don’t come in again for another month or two, so it was like absolutely no support on that one. So I just feel like here, the program, I just have so much support that If I have a question, I can just, it’s just an email away, really.

The time commitment wasn’t necessarily such a big concern for me because we were in COVID and there was nothing going on. It was almost, it was a blessing for me because I’m a teacher. It gave me time to slow down, and it gave me time to really reflect inward. I wasn’t spending so much time taking care of other people. I was taking that time to take care of myself, which I don’t normally do. It’s normally all about everyone around me, and even family members, it’s always my job to kind of make sure everybody’s okay. But through the COVID experience, we couldn’t even see each other. So, I definitely had the, it was definitely more of a financial concern for me. But you know, we, we just made it work. We just figured out how to make it work and I knew personally it was worth it. And after the first month of all the support that I got, then it just really solidified it for me that, yes, this was the right decision. It did make things a little tight for a while, and there were months that were harder than others, but we got through them and, and I have a baby now inside of me, so it definitely was all worth it. And, just the other day, my husband did say to me, I guess it was worth it. Wasn’t it? I, and I absolutely 100% agree that it is worth it.

Another concern I will say that I had was I’m from the States and the program is in the UK. So that was definitely a concern thinking about how to get testing done and that was probably my other, that was my next biggest concern next to the financial piece of it, and honestly, that didn’t even, that wasn’t even an issue ever. The, my doctors, if there was a test that was requested by Dee, I would just go to my doctors and say, I’m working with this team from the UK and we’re trying to get pregnant and I was wondering if this is a test that you can do for me. And every single time they approved the test and said, absolutely come in on this day and we’ll do it.

So that piece that I was so worried about never ended up being a worry at all. So it was, those are definitely my two biggest concerns going into the program, but the financial one we figured out and, and the other piece of it wasn’t even an issue at all.
So just your voice and everything, that first time I saw you, I was like, I gotta know more, like, that’s exactly what I thought, is I got to know more about that program. And then I took your course and then I was like, oh my gosh, this is the, this is the program for me. This is the one I need to be doing.

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