I was feeling frustrated, upset and very panicky about my age with not being able to get pregnant, having been told by the NHS fertility clinic that there were no physical issues with either myself or my husband. I was also very stressed with my work and a long commute into London. I felt that there were other reasons as to why we were not falling pregnant and didn’t know where to get the answers from. I felt that I needed to support my body in some way, and then looked into acupuncture and found Rachel’s website and that she specialised in women who had problems conceiving.

Rachel has always been wonderful to work with, non-judgemental, caring, a great listener, compassionate and so grounded. She has a wealth of information, which she has built a great course with. She provides information in such a great way with the videos and then the one-to-one and group calls, that you do not feel overwhelmed, but encouraged. The use of the 80/20 principle in that we cannot be perfect is also great, especially as I started to bring about change in my life, which in some areas was very difficult. Rachel was also great when I finally got diagnosed with Endometriosis, and that I wasn’t going mad in realising there was something not quite working properly, her support and encouragement when this happened along with needing to move overseas was amazing.

I learnt so much, from the importance of nutrition, routines, regular exercise, massage, mindfulness, and that you can change the health of your eggs and age is not as critical as everyone makes out. The science based approach really suited me, with the evidence base to back up the statements, it made it so much easier to start to embed the changes – apart from the work stresses, which I personally found very difficult.

I got massive value from working with Rachel, she opened my eyes to so much. It has been a very emotional journey, with feelings of frustration, sadness, desperation, etc but being able to have Rachel’s support and also the support of the other women in the group was invaluable and made me feel supported and not alone, especially when it was that time of the month, again. I am definitely very glad to have done the Plan to Pregnancy programme, and honoured to have worked with Rachel, she is a fantastic coach.

I got pregnant and now have my little boy! So thank you.

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