Do you feel like you’re doing everything to get pregnant, but nothing is working?

Are you fed up with endlessly researching your fertility? Do you keep starting and stopping things because you’re not sure if they’re working?

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Rachel and her team create customised solutions for couples to optimise their fertility and get pregnant.

We work with couples, solo mums and same-sex partnerships to support them to have a baby.

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Fertility is not just about your ovaries and womb. It’s about making sure that every organ system is functioning as well as it possibly can.

Optimising your immune, endocrine and digestive systems are just as important as improving your reproductive system.

What would it feel like to get support and know you are doing everything you can to get pregnant and have a healthy baby?

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About Rachel Bolton

(BSc Hons, Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na)

Rachel Bolton is a fertility expert, international speaker and founder of Plan Yourself Pregnant. She specialises in helping couples uncover the reasons why they are not pregnant and give them clear, practical steps to improve their fertility. Her mission is to empower couples to become fertile, transform stress and focus on the joy of making a baby.