Mira Fertility Tracker

Mira Fertility Tracker

Do you get confused about when you ovulate? Are you taking your temperature or using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK)? Or maybe you use cervical mucus and cervix position to tell when you’re ovulating?

Whatever method you use there is often some confusion over ovulation, especially if you’re using more than one method and they indicate that you’re ovulating at different times! Your OPK says one thing and your temperature chart says another.

Being confused adds to the stress of trying to conceive.

And one thing I know for sure is that clarity is key to getting pregnant faster.

I’ve been reading body basal temperature (BBT) charts for over 10 years and whilst I have a lot of experience analysing them, there are still times when I’m not 100% sure. This is because there are so many factors that throw temperature out, like disturbed sleep, drinking alcohol, or the weather.

Ovulation predictor kits can also be confusing because they can be difficult to read, miss the luteinising hormones (LH) surge, or give false positives. They don’t work for women with PCOS or irregular cycles because women with PCOS often have elevated LH. This means that an OPK will detect the high LH and indicate that you’re fertile when you’re not.

After years of working with women who have tried many different thermometers, BBT apps, OPKs, and fertility devices, I’ve finally found one that I love. I’ve literally been searching for and dreaming of a product that would solve the confusion and give clear definitive data to understand exactly what is happening with a cycle.

Hello Mira Fertility Tracking!

One of my clients who had erratic cycles started using Mira and I saw how it cut through the confusion by giving actual readings of oestrogen and LH. We knew exactly when she was ovulating and this gave us confidence in her cycle.

What is Mira?

Mira Fertility Tracker is a handheld device that is like having your very own mini hormone testing lab. It’s a small, beautiful looking device that reads your hormone levels in urine. Once you’ve downloaded the app and synced your phone with the Mira device, you’re ready to go.

You pee into a small cup (that comes with the kit), then dip a test wand into the urine for a few seconds and then cover the urine dipped end with a case, so it’s not messy at all. You then slot the wand into the Mira device and 15 minutes later, hey presto! You get your actual hormone levels and see the numbers appear on a graph in the app.

I’m In Love With Mira

I started trialing Mira because I always test things on myself before recommending them to clients.

Mira is like fertility has met Apple. When I opened the box it was like that experience you get when you open an Apple product. Everything is super simple and sexy. It’s easy and intuitive to set up and use.

I’ve been using for two cycles now and I’m so happy with it that I’ve recommended it to all of my clients and will make it part of the Fertility Club Membership.

Drawbacks Of Using Mira

The downside of Mira is that the test wands are disposable and not good for the environment. And you have to top up each month and buy new ones, which is an added expense.

That said the price of the Mira device and test wands is incredible for what you get: A hormone lab in your home.

Progesterone And FSH

The great news is that Mira is adding the ability to test progesterone and FSH. Adding these hormones will be a total game-changer, particularly if you’re worried about your levels. You’ll be able to monitor your hormone panel from your bathroom.

Get A £25 Mira Discount

If you get a Mira and use this code: PYPMIRA, then you can get £25 off your Fertility Plus Starter Kit. It includes the Mira Fertility Analyser and Fertility Plus test wands. Be sure to use this code and order your Mira HERE.

In full transparency, Mira gave me a Fertility Starter kit to test and I get a small payment when you use the code above. However, I’m writing this article because I fully believe in this product, it’s now my go-to tracker for my clients and I want to share about it with you to help you get clear on your cycle. Let me know if you get one and how it goes?

All my best,

Rachel xx

Rachel Bolton BSc (Hons), Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na.

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