Project Baby

Trying to get pregnant is not like any other project you’ve done before.

Normally when you have a problem you jump on Google, you research it, you ask your friends and you figure it out.

You work out the pros and cons. You invest time, energy and resources into making it happen and you succeed! 

When you’re used to succeeding, it’s doubly difficult when you don’t. You can’t figure out why your normal strategy of working harder at project baby is not bringing your baby home.

Here are some of the reasons project baby is different from any other project and how to play it differently:

  1. With a regular project, you work harder and it happens. With project baby, the opposite is true. The harder you work, the more stressed you get and the more stressed you get, the worse your hormone levels become. With project baby, the harder you work, the harder it is to get pregnant.

Tip: Find a way of taking steps to improve your fertility that doesn’t feel like hard work. Learn tools to flip your stress switch and manage your emotions. And get support to make it fun whilst you prepare for pregnancy.

  1. With a regular project, it matters and it’s important, but nothing is as important as project baby. 

Tip: Recognise that project baby is driving you crazy because it is unique and you are programmed at the core of your being to have a baby. You are hard-wired for two things in life. One is survival and the other is reproduction.

  1. With a regular project, you set goals and get excited when you achieve them. With project baby when you set your goal to get pregnant and then measure yourself at the end of the month with a big fat negative, it’s not surprising that you fall apart.

Tip: Stop measuring yourself against whether you’re pregnant or not. Of course, that is the goal, but it’s not that black and white. Look for the greyscales in-between to see that you’re getting closer to your baby. Measure your success and achievements against how your period is changing and becoming closer to a Perfect Period or a Conceivable Cycle. Or measure your achievements by how many times you meditate that week or eat leafy green.

  1. With regular projects, you copy other people and reverse engineer what they have done. With project baby when you copy another woman’s tactics you can get thrown off course because what is right for them, may not be right for you.

Tip: Your fertility puzzle is unique. You need to work out exactly what is right for you, what are your Fertility Blockers and what steps you need to take to improve them.

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All my best,

Rachel xx

Rachel Bolton BSc (Hons), Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na.

I empower women to see themselves as Fertility Heroes and help them to optimise their fertility, get pregnant and have healthy babies.

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