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7 Ways Acupressure And Acupuncture Improve Fertility

acupressure for fertility

Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate points around the body to activate the nervous, endocrine and neuroendocrine systems to produce chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters. Acupuncture helps the body to get back into homeostasis (or balance) and heal naturally. Acupressure is like acupuncture, but without the needles. You use your thumb or finger to stimulate the points….

Should I Stop Eating Gluten To Get Pregnant?

Gluten is a term that refers to a group of proteins that are most commonly found in wheat, barley, spelt, semolina and rye. If you have celiac disease then the answer is yes, definitely stop eating gluten. Only 1% of the population have celiac disease, but 83% of these have not been diagnosed yet.  Celiac…


Ellie had endometriosis, PCOS, cysts and polyps, which stopped her from getting pregnant for three and a half years. Ellie wanted to improve her health, rather than just going straight into IVF and so she started working with Rachel. Rachel and her team helped Ellie to improve her cycle, physical symptoms and give her emotional…


Sarah got pregnant easily with her first child. When she started trying for her second child, she was shocked that it was such a struggle. Find out how Rachel helped Sarah to overcome secondary infertility, recurrent miscarriages, PCO and stress to successfully get pregnant. She now has a beautiful healthy baby boy and feels like…