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Vasi had multiple fibroids, endometriosis and a very low egg reserve. After 2 miscarriages and failed IVF, she was told to go away and keep trying. She felt exhausted and defeated, but knew there must be something else that she could do. That’s when she found the Fertility Club membership, she took control of her fertility and everything changed. Here is her story:

After 2 miscarriages and one failed IVF, I was discharged from the hospital with multiple fibroids, endometriosis and very low egg reserve. I was 36 years old at the time and my GP told me that it’s most likely that my eggs are too old and there is nothing that can be done to improve that. If I wanted to have a baby, I had to go privately and keep trying IVF until eventually happens or until we give up.

I remember how I went home after this appointment and cried for a few days, blaming myself for my past, how I lived my life and why didn’t I start to try for a baby earlier. I felt like a complete FAILURE.

I am not usually a person that gives up easily but as all doctors told me the same, it took me a while to stand up again. I started reading many books on how to improve my fertility, took all supplements, I was literally doing anything I read about. I even went to a Chinese place, where I spent thousands, drank disgusting soups, had acupuncture twice a week, but unfortunately with not even a slight improvement. I am not saying that this is not working, it was just not for me or the people there couldn’t make the proper treatment plan for my case.

After joining Rachel’s Fertility Heroes Facebook group and listening to Rachel explain what a perfect period should look like, I contacted her to help me improve my cycle. My cycle was only 21 days long and my periods were awfully painful with many clots.

I joined the Fertility Club membership, got support from Rachel and her team and everything changed. I started seeing results with my cycle, it lengthened and the pain reduced. I wasn’t alone anymore, I was heard, I was supported, I felt like an ACHIEVER. Rachel was so inspiring, and helped me celebrate every little improvement, which I often missed as I was too concentrated on what I didn’t have.

We did hormone and gut tests, which helped to figure out my situation. It turned out that I had exhausted adrenal glands, my body was not producing enough cortisol to cope with any potential stress, I had a high level of oestrogen and candida albicans in my gut. Knowing all this made it easy for the team to correct the plan and that’s when the real physical healing started. I did acupressure points, transformed stress, changed my diet and took specific supplements to fix the imbalances and improve egg quality.

Before the Fertility Club membership, I had forgotten how to live, I had nervous breakdowns and felt really sad. After working with Rachel and the team, I changed my vision for my life. I felt so much better, calmer and more confident. Rachel and the team gave so much support in one-to-one sessions, as well as always being there if I needed anything over email or messenger.

A few months later, we decided to try another IVF. Same situation as before, low egg reserve, endometriosis and multiple fibroids. However the quality was different. I was different, emotionally and physically. I felt more confident with my body, I trusted my body. That’s all thanks to Rachel and the team. I’ll never forget them. I can never thank them enough.

I am extremely happy to say and share that I am pregnant, and expecting a boy. Their job didn’t finish when I got pregnant, they are still there for me. It was Rachel who I contacted first when I had some bleeding in the first trimester. She was so supportive and even made a personal video to show me what acupressure point to press that can help to stop bleeding. I was touched and secured. They made sure I was taking the right supplements throughout the whole pregnancy. I never had any bad symptoms, aversions or cravings. I believe that’s when your body has everything that it needs to support another life.

If you are struggling with your fertility, if you feel alone and lost, not understood by your friends and family, join the Fertility Club membership. Here you’ll meet other ladies in the same situation with different stories following the same goal. You’ll feel supported and heard. You’ll get everything you need to improve your fertility and have your baby.

Now Vasi has her baby boy

Motherhood is the biggest blessing ever. I love my boy to bits. He is amazing. There are no words to thank you enough and to show you how much we appreciate what you did for us. Thank you so much again Rachel, you are going to stay in our hearts forever. I hope it gives even a slight hope to any lady that is struggling like myself.

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